The 5 Do’s for styling distressed and ripped jeans.

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Do you love distressed and ripped jeans as much as we do? One of the questions we get asked most often is “What can I wear with my distressed and ripped jeans?”. So we wanted to compile our top 5 tips on how to best style your look!

Tip #1– The best thing about any style of jean is you can dress them up with a great pair of heels or keep it laid back with your favorite sneakers, almost any shoe goes with jeans. Just make sure you pair the right shirt to go with your shoe selection!

Tip #2– You can always keep it super simple with wearing a plain tank-top or t-shirt. The biggest key to make sure you look less bummy is to wear jeans that are form-fitting and don’t forget to add in some statement pieces, like a great purse or hat.

Tip #3– Think you can’t wear a button down with these type of jeans, think again! Just tuck in the front part of the shirt and pair it with some short boots for a chic look.

Tip #4– Don’t be afraid to tie a casual sweater or flannel around your waist, we know it’s a total 90’s thing but it’s cool right now!

Tip #5– You can also wear a nicely tailored blazer with a simple t-shirt and some heels, instant professional vibe!

Tell us, what’s your favorite way’s to style your distressed and ripped jeans?

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