Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone!

Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone! Since it’s such a beautiful 3 day weekend we want to do something special! But first we’d like to let our followers know that there has been a huge change with Zuur Jeans.

A few weeks ago we celebrated the release of our new hats and today we are celebrating the release of our new website, it has been re-vamped! We’d like to invite everyone to come check out the new site as we also have new updated prices on all merchandise. This is also the official release of our hat and any merchandise being able to be shipped to anywhere in the world.

Thanks to our followers, our hats have made it all over the world. People have been sending in tons of selfies in front of different monuments while vacationing, at work or while at home. I would like to thank all those people for making us who we are! For those who’ve ever shared the brand, liked it, talked about it, bought from us or followed us, you know who you are, so Thank You!

Now onto the something special! To celebrate the weekend and give you all a big Thank You, we are offering free shipping on all items purchased from our shop until midnight Monday! No special codes are anything, just go check out and the Free shipping is automatic. *The free shipping is only for purchases and shipping within the US.

Here’s an extra special bonus! Our jeans and hats have been getting a lot of exposure in the last few months and we’ve been receiving a lot of complements from people while we are out and promoting. So we wanted to do something as an extra bonus for our followers! We are doing an awesome giveaway where you can win a Zuur hat!

This is how it will work, for those who approach Miguel, co-founder of Zuur, while he’s wearing a Zuur hat and you compliment the hat, you automatically win a free hat! To show you how serious we are to those who support us, If you catch Miguel anywhere while the contest is going and he does not have a hat to giveaway, he will give you a check for $1,000!

Rule of Giveaway:

Limited time giveaway: The contest can end at any time and is at the discretion of Zuur. So that means when we announce the contest is over, then it’s over.

Miguel must be wearing a Zuur hat during the contest to qualify for the hat giveaway. If he is wearing another brand hat or if he’s not wearing a hat at all, it does not count.

The giveaway is if you seen Miguel in person

Hat will be brought to winner from a vehicle as it is not kept in his pocket 🙂

1 hat to 1 winner per day while the contest is running

Not open to family or friends of Miguel

Keep in mind Miguel will not be caring any cash, so don’t ask for cash

The prize is not size or color specific, though it can be exchanged for the rite size and color wanted later

Winner is responsible for claiming their prize

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