Jean Shopping 101

I think that most women can agree that shopping for jeans can sometimes be an unpleasant experience! Here is our Jean Shopping 101 to help you out the next time you are out shopping for Jeans!

Tip 1: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of fits and washes, you’d be surprised how changing things up can make the experience more fun.

Tip 2: Often most people only concentrate on the look of the front of the jean but don’t forget to check out how the back looks. If the pockets are positioned funky or the wrong size it can check the way your backside looks!

Tips 3: Not all jeans are created equally, so go out there to check out other brands and do some research.

Tip 4: Do you love skinny jeans? Well make sure to buy them a little tight at the store as they will stretch out and form to your body once you’ve worn them a couple of times (don’t go a size bigger)

Tip 5: If you do find that perfect pair, make sure to buy more then one! That way you’ll have several pairs for some time!

Tip 6: If your a shortly, don’t worry about the jeans being too long because you can always get them tailored or do a really cute fold/cuff.

Tip 7: Want to wear cropped jeans, make sure the length stops at the smallest part of your ankle.

What are some tips you have to make shopping for jeans a better experience?

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