Summer Work Fashion


How to look professional and still strut your stuff!


Staying cool and looking professional is a feat that many of us will face as the warmer seasons approach. Here are some tips on how to keep the classy business look while also avoiding embarrassing sweat stains.



Solid print dresses and skirts are easy to dress up or down for work and play. Add a cardigan for work, paired with some nice flats or peep-toe heels. When work is over shed those heels for a pair of cute sandals and ditch the cardigan for a jean-jacket, or if it’s still too warm, no jacket at all!

This is an easy trick to use when you are in a hurry to get to your night-time adventure after work. Your quick change could easily fit in the back seat of your car or even an oversized purse.


Dressing up your T-shirt

Depending on your work place, learning how to dress up your white-T may be an option for you. Tuck it into your favorite patterned skirt, add a belt to match your shoes to dress it up even more.

Using a light colored T prevents your clothes from absorbing so much heat. It’s also a casual look that can be used for work and play.


Color, Color, Color!

If you are a fashionista, summer is the perfect season to break out your yellow dress and pink heels! Take advantage of this season to show off those bright pieces in your closet. Not only will you beat the heat with those lighter colors, you will also bring a pop of sunshine to your own day.

If you aren’t big on neon dresses try accessorizing your outfits with a pop of color. Don’t you have a bright pink necklace that you’ve been waiting to wear? Pair it with a navy blue or white dress! Adding that burst of color will complete your outfit for summer.


The Perfect Sandal

You may be dreading your closed-toe heels or flats especially when your office’s AC has broken down, but never fear, classy sandals are here! When buying the perfect sandal be sure that it has enough support in the sole, especially if you work on your feet all day. Don’t skimp out on those $6 sandals with barely any material between your foot and the ground. Find something sturdy that will last you all summer long!

If your work is strongly against open toe shoes, try a peep-toe which will still allow for some ventilation, or even a pair of lace flats that will still provide a small breeze.


Classic Work

If you still need to wear the occasional slacks and a blouse here are some tips on how to stay cool.

Try a colored slack or even white slacks! This will help deter the sun beams. A looser fitting slack, for example a straight-leg cut, will allow for more air-flow and less sticky thighs. Another option would be a cropped slack for even more ventilation.

Be sure to choose looser fitting, flowy blouses. Most of these types of blouses use a thinner material which will eliminate the chance for sweat stains. Also lighter colored shirts have less of a tendency to discolor if you do sweat a little.


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