Hottest Bathing Suit Trends 2017


We are well into summer! That means beach trips and pool parties, which mean bathing suits! We’ve done some searching and found the latest and hottest bathing suit trends for 2017. Join the latest crazes before summer ends!




From plunging neck lines to open sides, these trends are all about showing a little more skin. Open sides can be laced up or made of sheer material or mesh. Plunging neck lines can go as far down as the belly-button, and they definitely make a fashion statement!


Pictured is a contemporary striped monokini with a plunging neckline with drape found at Macy’s.








Last year we saw a strong resurgence of the one piece, bringing back that vintage look. Now one pieces have become a little more sexy with the popular monokini! As we mentioned earlier, open peek-a-boo sides are very hot this year and the traditional one piece has followed in suit! Many monokinis work to create the perfect hourglass figure for anyone who wears one.


Pictured is a super cute metallic Peek-A-Boo with plunge by Forever 21.








High neck, leg and waist are all popular cuts this year. Halter top bathing suits are great if you want to be a little more modest, or need something a little more supportive. The high leg trend follows from the popularity of unitards sported by our favorite celebs. High-waisted bikini bottoms were popular last year but the trend is continuing on with even higher cuts! These are a great piece is you are a little more conscious about your stomach.


Pictured is a Pink Lace Push-Up Bikini with High-Rise Bottoms by Macy’s.






Don’t miss the Official Miami Swim Week starting Monday July 23! Thanks to us you’ll already be sporting the hottest trends. Check in next Friday for more fashion tips, news and ZUUR updates!

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