Summer Shorts


It’s summer time! Which means it’s officially shorts season. Here are some Summer Shorts trends to help you create the perfect summer wardrobe.


Colored Shorts

If you’ve been in a clothing store lately you will have noticed the abundance of colored shorts from bright pastels to dark blues. Now there is so much more to picking out a pair of shorts than grabbing a pair of denim cut-offs. Even the men’s selection of shorts has become much more colorful.


Patterned Shorts

Another big trend this summer is patterned shorts. It seems that denim and solid colored shorts became too plain for the fashoinistas of the world. While many shy away from busy patterns, these shorts have a lot of potential and are a must have for your summer wardrobe, even if it’s something as simple as polka-dots.


Lace Shorts

The last trend I want to touch on are lace shorts. Mostly found in white these cloth shorts are making a big appearance this summer. While many women are wary of white, these shorts may be another necessity for your shorts collection. The lace pattern of the shorts gives them the potential to be dressed up or down. Style as you would with a skirt, tuck in a tank and add a cardigan or just throw on a matching T. If you are strongly against white fear not, this style has expanded to include many of your favorite summer colors.


Creating an Outfit

The biggest issue that people run into when picking out the perfect pair of colorful or patterned shorts is how to create an outfit with them! Here are a few basic styles that will always work:


Solids– Plain black or white shirt will match anything, also any solid colored shirt that complements the main color in your shorts (you may need to break out your color wheel to find some new color matches).

Patterns– If you are feeling adventurous you can experiment with mixing patterns. (If you are new to this idea try pairing patterns that fall within the same color family will work best.)

Formal– There is also potential for a dressier look. For both men and women shorts can be paired with a dressier button-up. For women adding a cardigan to any outfit adds a classy touch.

Don’t be afraid of these playful trends! Sure it’s a stretch from your classic denim, but having a pair of these shorts in your summer wardrobe is definitely worthwhile.

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