3 Quick and Easy Hairstyles


Everyone is talking ‘back to school’ so we thought we’d jump on the horse! In the spirit of rushing out the door early in the morning we’ve found 3 quick and easy hairstlyes to keep you looking put together even if you woke up late.


Beach Waves


This style is great for you morning showerers. Create a reminiscent summer look by starting with damp hair. Depending on how thick you want your curls, separate your hair into even sections. Twist hair tightly, then hold with one hand while blow drying the strand with the other. Repeat until all hair is dry and TADAH, easy beach waves!

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Messy Bun

The well-known and never out of style messy bun. This is especially great for a quick change in hairstlye. Tired of wearing your hair down? Up it goes into a messy bun, because it’s that simple! Gather hair into a high ponytail. Twist your hair tie once and pull your hair partially through to create a bun. Arrange bun at this point. If you have extra hair, twist into one long strand and wrap around the base of the bun. Tuck under the hair tie or use bobby pins to be extra secure.

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Twisted Halo


Now this one may require a mirror and some bobby-pins but I promise you it is quick and the simplicity is simply elegant (not to be redundant!). Take a small section of hair from the front of your head. Twist while pulling back and pin a little past the middle of your head. Repeat on the other side and pin to complete your Twisted Halo!


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We hope these hairstyles prove to be quick and easy and ease your morning routine! Have a favorite hairstyle that gets you out the doors in minutes? Share with us in the comments below.

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