What to Wear: to the Beach


Looking fashionable at the beach is all about utility and comfortability. We already showed you the biggest swimsuit trends, but let’s talk about what other crucial fashion pieces you should bring on your beach trip.



You may not want to drive to the beach in your swim suit, but changing at the beach isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do. Try wearing your bathing suit under a thin dress or a wrap that you can tie anyway you want. The thinner the fabric the better! Not only will it be cooler but if it gets wet from your swimsuit it will dry faster.



The perfect pair of sunglasses are necessary for a perfect day at the beach. To find the perfect pair of sunglasses choose a shape that is the opposite of the shape of your face. For example if you have a square shape face, look for a more rounded pair. Look for a frame color that doesn’t necessarily match your outfits, but one that compliments your skin tone. That way you can wear them with any outfit.



Although big sun hats are so fashionable, most beaches that I’ve been too are far too windy to keep one on for an entire day trip. An easy hack is to use bobby pins to keep your hat in place, however it makes it more difficult to take off. Another option is wearing a SnapBack, maybe even a ZUUR hat! If you are set on a sun hat find one with a shorter brim that won’t get caught as easily by the wind.


These fashion tips are sure to keep you looking good when spending a day in the sun! What is your favorite piece of beach clothing? Leave a comment below!

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