Fall Shorts, Skirts and Dresses

The weather is turning colder and although the brisk wind is whipping through, don’t pack up those shorts and skirts just yet! With the temperamental weather you never know when a 75 degree day will come by. But you can also wear your shorts, skirts and even some summer dresses in the fall, you just need to style them appropriately!



This is a more traditional look. Layering thick leggings under your skirts make the perfect outfit for a chillier night. Make sure if you are wearing leggings with a skirt or dress, that you pair it with a closed toe shoe that comes a little higher than your ankle. That will cover up the awkward bare ankle where your leggings cut off. If your leggings don’t go that long, pull them up mid-shin, you’ll be a little colder but look a lot more put together.


Try fishnets under a pair of shorts for an alternative look.


Long socks

Almost opposite of leggings, long socks are another great option to beat the chill of fall. You can definitely get creative with colors and patterns too! Knee-high socks, denim cutoffs and a pair of sneakers make a classic look. Pair with a plain T and a flannel to add some fall flair.


Knee-high Boots

This option works best with skirts and dresses. Knee-high boots with a peeking leg warmer is a great fall option. Brown boots are more common during fall and pair nicely with the reds and greens that are very seasonal color trends. But you may want to also invest in a pair of black boots that compliment your leather jacket for those nights out. Black boots are also very versatile and will be more on trend when winter rolls around.


Summer has come and gone, but these tips can help you stretch your summer wardrobe. While we don’t want you to be freezing this fall we hope you take these fashion tips into account! Let us know how they work for you. Leave your favorite outfit combination inspired by this post in the comments below.

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