IMG3410-copy-LZuur is a family owned business based out of Orange County, California. We are proudly made in the USA to support our local economy. Through the years we’ve had the pleasure of working with over 10 companies that have employed roughly 200 workers in total.

The brand focuses on quality not quantity and is known for making high-end jeans, which have now evolved into street wear.  We at Zuur have spent our lives enjoying some of the major brands from the West Coast and now we are gaining recognition and are being driven by our great supporters from the area that have fallen in love with this little brand.

The idea for Zuur was created in the early 90’s when some of the other local brands were becoming major corporations. Co-founder Miguel Estrada is the heart of this small company and had the idea of incorporating a high-quality fashion line with every day wear that works for everyone. Zuur’s fans vary from snow boarders to surfers to skaters and anyone who enjoys the Southern California lifestyle.

The company started with men’s and women’s jeans made in Los Angeles and just recently released a line of hats. Zuur is also in the works to come out with a line of shirts in the near future, which are sure to be a hit!

Some of Zuur’s local fans have created a trend by carrying the name everywhere they go by sharing lots of beautiful pictures and some of their precious moments while wearing the brand. Thanks to this small movement, Zuur has been getting exposure and recognition worldwide!

The next time you’re out and about on vacation, at work or just on the town having a good time, don’t forget to take pictures while enjoying our brand and share it with us on social media!